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Download Xnxn Matrix Matlab Code For Android. The Latest Version of Xnxn Matrix Matlab Code on Nervefilter is available for FREE! MATLAB was introduced by Cleve Moler in 1970 who was the chairman of the Computer Science department of University Of Mexico. Later, MATLAB went through various developments from the hands of different peoples namely Jack Little, Steve Bangert etc. In 1984 Cleve Moler founded Mathworks and rewrote MATLAB in C language.

This contribution threw light on the face and name of Cleve Moler and this is why Cleve Moler became known as a Major Contributor In the World of MATLAB.

Uses of MATLAB

There are ‘n’ number of uses of MATLAB in the field of Science and Computer Science. Some of the most common uses of MATLAB are given below:-

  • MATLAB has vast application uses in the field of Science and technology because it gives liberty and extra hands to the user which enhances the productivity and gives convincing outcomes
  • MATLAB integrates computational, visualization and programming in an easy to use environment where Mathematical and other problems can be solved in a convenient way.
  • MATLAB is used in scientific research and for computational works because there are many functions and programs which are very easy to execute in the MATLAB programming language.

Features and Tools in MATLAB

Some most commonly used features and tools in MATLAB programming language are given below:

  • Signal Processing and Analysis
  • Image Processing
  • Embedded Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Deep Learning
  • Robotics
  • Data Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Simulation Works
  • Report Generation
  • Tests and Measurement related Analyses, etc

Basic and Most Common Use of MATLAB

MATLAB was introduced to manipulate Matrix data and to carry out Mathematical operations like graph plotting which was a bit tougher to plot in other programming languages. MATLAB has well defined features for graph plotting and other codes are also defined in short form to carry out Mathematical operations quickly.

For increasing its usability, MATLAB goes through updates which are released twice in a year, a recent update named MATLAB 9.12.0 was released on March 9, 2022 which is the first update of the year and second is still awaited. In every update new toolboxes and efficiency related features are included which prove to be very useful for the users.

How to use MATLAB?

MATLAB can be used after programming which you are willing to imply. There is an official website Mathworks which provides a console on an online basis where users can programme and frame the functions accordingly. This console is designed for MATLAB programming purposes and several tools used for programming are available here. This site requires an account for LOGIN so that your past programming activities and programmes get saved online and you can access your account remotely from other systems.


Simulink is a block diagram environment for simulation and model based design of multi domain and embedded engineering systems. It is developed to such a great level that it takes comparatively less time to write in other programming languages like C, C++ or HDL codes. This means it is friendly with Java, C++, fortran.

Who should learn MATLAB

MATLAB can be a blessing in disguise for most people who are pursuing any computer course because by that time it will become popular since it has various tools which can be used to increase productivity. Secondly it is not in vogue so competition will be low in this field.