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Looking for an unforgettable puzzle experience? Download Rusty Lake Paradise APK now and immerse yourself in the ten plagues of Egypt. Pick-up-and-play, unique storyline, and atmospheric graphics. Don't miss out!
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Are you looking for a thrilling adventure game that will keep you engaged for hours? Look no further than Rusty Lake Paradise APK! In this game, you play as Jakob Eilander, the oldest son of the Eilander family, who has returned to Paradise island after his mother’s mysterious death. The island is cursed by the ten plagues, and Jakob must uncover his mother’s hidden memories and partake in strange family rituals to stop the plagues. Rusty Lake Paradise is the third premium point-and-click adventure by Rusty Lake, the creators of the Cube Escape series, Rusty Lake Hotel, and Rusty Lake: Roots.

Key Features


Rusty Lake Paradise is easy to start, but hard to put down. The game is designed to be accessible to players of all skill levels, so you can jump right in and start playing.

Unique storyline

Rusty Lake Paradise is the first adventure game based around the ten plagues of Egypt. The game’s storyline is both unique and captivating, with plenty of twists and turns to keep you engaged from start to finish.

Unforgettable puzzle experience

Each plague in Rusty Lake Paradise brings its own atmosphere, suspense, and a variety of Rusty Lake brain teasers. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible, so you can feel a sense of accomplishment as you progress through the game.

Atmospheric graphics

The pastel background paintings in Rusty Lake Paradise are handmade by Dutch painter Johan Scherft. The graphics are beautiful and immersive, creating a unique and captivating atmosphere that draws you into the game world.

Immersive soundtrack

Each plague in Rusty Lake Paradise has its own theme song and variations, which helps to create a fully immersive experience. The soundtrack is both haunting and beautiful, perfectly complementing the game’s atmosphere.


Rusty Lake Paradise has plenty of secrets to uncover, and the game includes achievements to reward players who explore all the island has to offer.

The Ten Plagues of Egypt

The storyline of Rusty Lake Paradise revolves around the ten plagues of Egypt, which were a series of divine punishments that God inflicted on the Egyptians to secure the release of the Israelites from slavery. The plagues are:

  1. Water turned to blood
  2. Frogs
  3. Lice
  4. Flies
  5. Livestock disease
  6. Boils
  7. Thunderstorm of hail and fire
  8. Locusts
  9. Darkness
  10. Death of the firstborn

In Rusty Lake Paradise, each plague is represented by a different puzzle or challenge that Jakob must overcome. As he progresses through the game, he uncovers more about his family’s history and the true nature of the plagues.


Rusty Lake Paradise is a point-and-click adventure game, which means that you use your mouse to interact with objects and solve puzzles. The game is divided into ten chapters, each of which represents one of the ten plagues. In each chapter, you must solve a series of puzzles in order to progress to the next chapter.

The puzzles in Rusty Lake Paradise are varied and challenging, and they range from simple brain teasers to more complex challenges that require you to think outside the box. Some puzzles require you to manipulate objects in the environment, while others require you to solve riddles or decipher codes.


If you’re looking for a unique and captivating adventure game, Rusty Lake Paradise APK is a great choice. The game’s storyline is both intriguing and mysterious, and the puzzles are challenging without being impossible. Download Rusty Lake Paradise APK now!