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Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride with Rush Rally 2 APK - the ultimate rally simulation game for your mobile device! Race through all conditions on over 72 unique stages, customize your ride, compete with friends, and experience thrilling skill game modes. Download Rush Rally 2 APK now and race to the finish line!
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Rush Rally 2 APK is a high-quality rally racing game available on mobile devices. It offers console-quality racing at a smooth 60fps, providing an authentic rally simulation experience that is unparalleled on mobile. This article will explore the features of this game, including its different racing modes, track types, car customizations, skill games, and touch controls.

Race in All Conditions Over Loads of Tracks

One of the standout features of Rush Rally 2 APK is the variety of tracks available to race on. Players can choose to race at night or during the day, and in various weather conditions, such as rain or snow. Additionally, the game offers rally races in eight different countries, each with 72 unique stages. These stages offer different surface types, including snow, gravel, tarmac, and dirt, which provide unique racing challenges for players.

World Rally Championship Racing

Rush Rally 2 APK offers authentic rally championship and rallycross game modes. Players can compete in a full championship on A-B stages or go head-to-head with other cars in rallycross races. These modes provide a realistic rally racing experience, with accurate track designs and car physics.

Customize Your Ride

The game offers a garage full of cars for players to drive and customize. Rush Rally 2 APK boasts the best car dynamics model on a mobile platform, developed from over ten years of experience on AAA games. Players can tune their cars to their preferences, including adjusting suspension, steering, and gearbox settings, to improve their racing performance.

Compete with Friends

Players can connect their game accounts to Facebook or Google Play and compete against their friends’ ghosts at any time. Rush Rally 2 APK also allows players to race against the best players’ ghosts from around the world, providing a challenging competition for those looking to improve their racing skills.

Experience the Thrill of Our Skill Game Modes

In addition to standard rally racing modes, Rush Rally 2 APK offers a selection of mini-games that provide a unique racing experience. These skill games include racing through roadworks, dodging missiles, and even pulling trailers. They offer an exciting change of pace from traditional rally racing and provide a fun way to test your racing skills.

Optimized for Touch

Rush Rally 2 APK features a control system designed specifically for touch devices. The touch controls provide a fun and consistent racing experience, with the ability to scale, move, and swap buttons to suit individual player needs. The optimized touch controls make racing more intuitive and enjoyable on mobile devices.

Tilt Support

For players who prefer tilt controls, Rush Rally 2 APK offers tilt support. Tilt controls provide a more immersive racing experience and allow players to steer their car by tilting their device.

Controller Supported

Rush Rally 2 APK offers full controller support, providing players with the option to use a controller to enhance their racing experience. The game supports a wide range of controllers, providing a flexible way for players to play the game and push their skills to the next level.

Android TV Supported

Rush Rally 2 APK also offers full support for Android TV, including NVIDIA Shield TV capable of maximum graphics at 60fps. Players can enjoy the game on a big screen, providing a more immersive racing experience.


In conclusion, Rush Rally 2 APK offers an authentic rally racing experience on mobile devices. With its variety of racing modes, track types, car customizations, and skill games, players are sure to enjoy hours of racing fun. The optimized touch controls, tilt support, and controller support provide flexible ways for players to play the game and enhance their racing skills.


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