If you're looking for a fun and relaxing game to play on your Android device, look no further than Rapelay APK! This entertaining game is perfect for anyone who enjoys simulation games. Plus, it's free to download and play, so there's no reason not to give it a try. Click the link below to download the game now.
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May 18, 2022
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Download Rapelay Apk For Android. Rapelay Apk is a 3D Eros video game. The main story is shorter than previous Illusion games, has a better 3D engine, and is primarily controlled by the mouse. A male character chases and rapes in the game. The game gained worldwide attention and controversy three years after its original release, which led to it being banned in many countries.

Rapelay Apk is a game in which you catch a rooster named Masaya Kimura who hunts and rapes the Kiri family (a mother and her two daughters).

Rapelay Plot

In Story Mode, the player controls the guilty offender. Between 12-year-old Maneka, 42-year-old Yoko, and 17-year-old Aoi, the protagonist abuses two boys and an adult woman. The free spin mode is unlocked when the player has eliminated all three women.

Masaya Kimura was apprehended by police when the AEO saw Kiri harassing a woman on the subway. The next morning, Aoi and her younger sister Maneka help their mother Yoko find a lost wallet the day before while discussing Aoi’s show. Kimura secretly listens to their conversation while waiting outside her home, without her knowing it. Here his father, a powerful politician, managed to get him out of prison. Knowing that Yoko is a widow, Kimura vows to avenge her, starting with Maneka.

He chases Manka to the subway station and gets on the train with him. As he exits the train at the next station, he grabs Manaka by the public toilet, rapes her, and takes photos of her naked, semen-covered body from his cell phone. The next day, Masaya tells Maneka to rest and stay in her room.

A screenshot of Chicken Mode shows the player catching Aoi Kiri, the last prey in the subway.

The next day Masaya chases Yoko from her apartment to the subway and falls in love with her on the train. He then chases her into a city park. At Masaya’s urging, Maneka calls Yoko on his cell phone and informs him that he is in the bushes of the park. When he goes into the bushes, Masaya attacks Yako, tying him up. Before handing over the photo she took with Manak to her minors, who took her into custody for them.

On the third day, Masaya chases Aoi on the subway and shows him a photo of his mucosa. When he catches her on the train, he can only comply with her demands. She confronts Masaya about why she did this after she got off the train, and calls him the boy who had previously molested a woman. Masaya and her thugs get into a car and take Aoi to a hotel owned by his family. He forced her into the mini-suite room and took pictures of her again after she left.

Yoko and Manaka are taken to the chamber through a hidden entrance while Masaya passes through Aoi. After capturing the trio, Masaya announced his intention to use them as slaves. Yoko tries to complete the ending by urging her to accept him in exchange for her daughters. He thinks of her and informs Yoko that if she proves his worth, he can save his daughters. While watching her daughters, Yoko gives her a flat. Yoko believes he has gained the freedom of his girls because Masaya is happy with his performance. Masaya, for his part, admits he will never change his mind and they all stand up. In the end, Yoko collapses, then Beed, and finally AOE. The main story ends with a speculative title card stating that the horrors of the Kiri family begin with the beginning of a new day.

How To Download Rapelay Apk

  1. Click On Download APK
  2. You Will Be Redirected To the Download Page
  3. Wait 5 Seconds
  4. Download Link Will Appear, Click On the Download Link
  5. Download Will Start
  6. Install the App and Enjoy

How To Install Rapelay Apk

  1. Download Rapelay Mod Apk File From NerveFilter on Your Android Using Chrome Browser.
  2. Go to Phone Security Settings in Your Android.
  3. Tap and Allow Install Apps From Unknown Sources.
  4. Now Open the File Manager & Click the Downloaded APK File.
  5. Wait For the Installation to Complete.

How to Install a Game with OBB

For Installing the Game which have Obb File, follow these steps:

  1. Download APK From NerveFilter and install it (Don’t open it after installation)
  2. Download Obb File and unzip it with Rar or ZArchiver App.
  3. Copy the game folder you extract, to /SDCARD/Android/obb folder.
  4. Open & Enjoy Playing the game.


If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing game to play on your Android device, look no further than Rapelay APK! This entertaining game is perfect for anyone who enjoys simulation games. Plus, it’s free to download and play, so there’s no reason not to give it a try. Click the link below to download the game now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an APK File?

Ans: An Android package kit (abbreviated APK) is a package file format used by the Android operating system for the distribution and installation of mobile applications. Just as a Windows (PC) system uses an EXE file to install software, so does Android.

Q: Can I update the App from the Google Play Store when I install it from nervefilter.com?

Ans: Yes, of course. You can update the app from Google Play after installing it from nervefilter.com

Q: Why Rapelay Apk need permission while run on Android?

Ans: Applications require access to some of your device’s systems. When you install an app, you will be notified of all the permissions required to run that app.

Q: Is it safe to download Rapelay Mod Apk From NerveFilter?

Ans: Yes, Downloading Rapelay Apk from nervefilter.com is 100% safe.