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Process Engineering Tools Apk For Android. Process Engineering Tools Apk contains the following calculators discussed in the description. Paid Apk For Free.
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Process Engineering Tools Apk For Android Free Download

“Process Engineering Tools” contains the following calculators :
1) Air cooler
2) Control valve (liquids)
3) Flow through orifice
4) Flash steam
5) Gas compressor
6) Gas Properties
7) Gas turbine
8) Heat exchanger simulator
9) Packed tower
10) Pressure drop
11) Pump;
12) Steam ejector
13) Steam turbine
14) Unit converter

*** AIR COOLER ***
The short-cut design procedure adopted in this sheet, can be used for rough sizing and cost estimating purposes. The procedure yields estimates of plot area, fan power requirements, and finned surface area for a typical air-cooled exchanger.

*** CONTROL VALVES (for liquids) ***
This sheet allows you to calculate globe valve’s opening for liquid flow.
It can help you to verify the pressure drop of a globe valve for certain flow condition or to calculate unknown mass flow knowing valve’s opening.

This sheet allows you to estimate the absorbed power of a multistage compressor.

This sheet allows you to calculate mass flowrate through a orifice plate.

This sheet allows you to estimate the flash steam released from hot condensate when its pressure is reduced.

This sheet allows you to calculate the following properties for a gas:
– Molecular weight;
– Critical temperature and pressure;
– Acentric factor;
– Heat capacity;
– Thermal conductivity;
– Viscosity;
– Compressibility factor;
– Density;
– Vapor pressure.

This sheet allows you to calculate the perfomance of a gas turbine (simple cycle).
Two calculation mode are implemented:
> Check mode.
> Simulation mode.
Calculations are made under the assumption of air standard Brayton cycle.

This sheet allows you to calculate outlet temperatures from existing shell&tube exchanger, if you know only inlet conditions of the fluids.

This sheet allows you to calculate pressure drop for liquids and gases along circular pipe.
Pressure loss in piping without any size changes occurs due to friction beetween the fluid and the pipe walls.

*** PUMP ***
This sheet allows you to calculate the perfomance of a pump in terms of absorbed power and efficiency.
> Check mode – the app calculates: hydraulic head, absorbed power (knowing voltage and current) and pump efficiency.
> Simulation mode – assuming pump efficiency, the app calculates hydraulic head and absorbed power.

This sheet allows you to calculate: a)Produced power, b)Specific steam consumption, c)Outlet temperature d)Outlet vapor fraction e) Cooling water flowrate & Condenser duty (if a condenser is present).
Necessary input data are: a)Steam flowrate , b)Inlet steam conditions (P-T), c)Outlet pressure d)Turbine efficiency (due to the no-isentropic expansion of steam along turbine), e) Temperatures of cooling water (if a condenser is present).

This sheet allows you to estimate motive steam consumption of a single stage ejector given the following input data: temperature, pressure, flow rate and gas composition of suction mixture.

This sheet allows you to estimate %flooding and pressure drop for packed fractionators.

A classic unit converter.

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