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PlunderChess Apk For Android. Introducing PlunderChess Apk… Get PlunderChess Apk and download it for free. PlunderChess Apk is a paid apk for Android. com.yellowhorse.plunderChess
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May 27, 2020
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Introducing PlunderChess Apk

PlunderChess Apk For Android Free Download.

If Chess is fun (and it is!) then PlunderChess® is EXPONENTIALLY FUN!
Imagine playing chess like you always do, however, this time, upon making a capture, the chess piece doing the kill is then allowed to “take on” added moving capabilities directly from its spoils, and use those newly acquired capabilities on one future move!… henceforth…. you have PLUNDERCHESS®! You will quickly be hooked!

Features of PlunderChess® App:
1) Colored Vests overlaying 2D chess pieces to indicate plundered powers.
2) Practice board to build strategies and enhance your tactics.
3) Analysis board to test active game piece maneuvers.
4) Text chat with your opponent.

Computer Opponent:
Five levels of play are available to challenge and learn.

Options for 2-Player Play:
“Real Time”…This option should be used when you and your opponent are ready to play through an entire game in one sitting.

Check out our YouTube video clips…. enter: plunderchess in the search field.

Read what others are saying about the PlunderChess® board game:
1) Cathi, Editor for NY State Empire Chess Magazine…Product Review…
“This is an amazing and exciting new game which takes off from the regular game of chess using a regular chess board. We discovered it at the famous USATE Tournament, brought it home, and it has become a favorite game at home, and among chess fans at our local chess club….”

2) Becca, 12 year old student writes…
“My family and i love plunderchess!! it is the best ever!! we’re always playing it! I used 2 dread it when my family played chess bc 2 me it was boring. but PLUNDERchess, now thats another story. its easy to understand and FUN!”

Here are a few of the BASIC Rules of PlunderChess® Play:
1) “Plundering” occurs when a chess piece captures an opposing piece and “plunders” or “acquires” additional moving capabilities directly from the piece it just captured, hence, strengthening the capturing piece! This plundering is illustrated by the overlaying of a colored banner (called “vests”) on the piece that made the capture. Image illustrations provided.

2) The added moving capability provided by a plundered vest may be used one time only on any future move. (I.e., the plundered vest may be used on it’s very next move or carried around on the board and used later in the game, but only once.)

3) Plundering is optional and may be declined by the player making the capture. YES, sometimes you do NOT want to plunder a vest from the spoils of the kill!! The case for NOT plundering would be if you suspect your opponent will immediately capture you back (making a “trade”) and acquire the vest you just plundered! (See rule #9)

4) When plundering is elected, a “colored vest banner” that corresponds to the moving capabilities being plundered, gets overlaid upon the chess piece that made the kill. This vest banner signifies to both players that the piece wearing it now has extra moving capabilities for one future move.

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