My Perfect Hotel v1.0.11 Mod APK (No Ads, Unlimited Money)

Download My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk No Ads For Android. My Perfect Hotel is a simulation game which challenges you to create the best hotel business.
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Aug 31, 2022
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Download My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk For Android. My Perfect Hotel is a simulation game for android which challenges you to create the best hotel business.

In the game, you build and expand the hotel. You will need to design and build your hotel, hire staff to keep your hotel clean and upgrade the rooms and provide the best service to your guests. Additionally, you need to keep employees happy so that you can attract more customers. The happier customers you have, the more money you make. The game is quite easy to master and allows you to explore the world around you. After completing each quest, you will unlock more rooms and facilities.

The game’s ultimate goal is to make money and build a good reputation. This can be achieved by providing excellent service and keeping your guests happy.

There are many aspects to the game, including decoration, marketing, and finances. To create a successful hotel company, balance all these aspects.

My Perfect Hotel can be played for free, but you can make in-game purchases. You can purchase upgrades and other items with real money. These include faster construction times and new furniture.

Have your ever dreamed about owning a hotel? You can make your dream of owning a hotel with My Perfect Hotel! It’s both challenging and rewarding. It is ideal for people who like business simulation games.

It has simple graphics that are easy to see. This minimalistic approach does not make the game less enjoyable. It’s actually one of the best aspects of the game.

The gameplay is very progressive. There’s always something to do, no matter if you’re building a new structure or providing services for your guests.

Whatever you do, make sure you offer the best experience for your guests. This is the key to success at My Perfect Hotel.

What is My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk

My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk is a hotel management simulation game that lets you expand your empire. The game lets you make strategic decisions to build your hotel empire and maximize profits. You can upgrade your hotels to make them more comfortable and add amenities for your guests. You can also expand your hotel with a beautiful mountain hut and apartment complex.

You work for your empire and make sure everything runs smoothly, from rooms to facilities. My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk is an interesting financial simulation game in which you become the owner of a small hotel. Start growing your empire with an unattractive inn. You can improve it in any way to increase the comfort of the visitors. Clear the room one by one to control the whole process.


In My Perfect Hotel, everything revolves around business. You will need to build a hotel and offer services that exceed guests’ expectations. You will also need to manage the business’ finances, marketing, and construction. If you can do all of these things correctly, you will be well on the way to success.

It is a test of your hospitality and accommodation skills. Your rooms must be clean and your guests happy.

This game is not for lazy people. To succeed, you must be persistent and diligent. Your main goal is to make enough money so that you can upgrade your hotel and become an entrepreneur. This is not an easy task. It could be costly if you make a mistake. You can return all profits to the business. This will allow you to grow and expand your hotel empire.

Hiring the best staff are some of the activities that can accelerate your progress. You need to ensure that your team is capable and hardworking. They will provide excellent service to your guests. Keep them motivated to get the best results.

Providing High-Quality Services. Referrals and recommendations are a big part of your business. You must provide excellent services to achieve this. Your hotel should make your guests feel like royalty.

Invest Wisely. Be strategic when making investments. Your hotel business should always be the focus of your investments. You can also open new hotels in beautiful locations such as mountains, forests, or beaches.

By playing the My Perfect Hotel, you will be an expert at business management. The skills and knowledge you have acquired in the game can be applied in real life.

A challenging and addictive game experience

My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk offers a fun experience that will challenge your mind. To do this, you have to think fast and make quick decisions. You start with a small hotel, but your ultimate goal is to upgrade it to a 5-star hotel. This is not an easy task as you will face many challenges along the way.

Earn money and upgrade your facilities!

My Perfect Hotel Mod Apk is an expensive business. You have to invest money in various aspects such as employee salaries, marketing campaigns, and research and development.


BUILD AN EMPIRE: There are countless hotels to explore and expand before reaching five-star perfection, each with dozens of different unique upgrades. Hotels are open by water deep in the beautiful mountains and in the tranquility of the jungle environment. Demonstrate your leadership skills at any location.

Keep up: If you want to be successful in this high-stakes industry, you can’t walk around your property at a leisurely pace. Improve your movement speed and have your employees work faster and provide all the services your guests need as soon as possible – this will also increase your sales.

Staff: also takes work to run each facility restrooms must be stocked with toilet paper, guests must be admitted to parking lots, restaurants must be served to customers, and tables must be cleared after meals. , and in the pool, you should ensure a constant supply of clean towels and clean sun loungers.

Simple Game Mechanics: This game is easy to play! Even for those who are not familiar with business simulation games, it is easy to grasp the basics. Its controls are easy to use and understand.

Attractive Design: The game’s graphics look bright and appealing to the eyes. The interface is also very easy to use. Navigating through the various menus and options will not be a problem.

Easy to Earn: The secret to becoming a hotel tycoon? Keep going. Never stop improving your hotel business. Each day brings you more experience and money. These can be used to upgrade your hotel or provide better services for your guests.

Automate Your Hotel: As your hotel business grows, it is important to delegate some of your tasks. This can be done by hiring staff and giving them specific roles. You can also use the game’s automation function to automate some of your processes. You can purchase vending machines to provide snacks or drinks to your guests.

Improve Designs: There are many ways to improve the design and appearance of your hotel. You can add floors, build new buildings, or even buy furniture. The possibilities are endless! To attract more guests, make sure your hotel is looking its best.

The game offers some premium features that can be purchased with real money. These features are not necessary as you can download My Perfect Hotel MOD Android APK Android to get them for free.

With the MOD APK, you will get the following benefits:

My Perfect Hotel MOD APK Unlimited Money. You’ll have unlimited cash to spend on your hotel business. This will allow you to improve your hotel’s services and speed up your upgrade process.

No Ads. My Perfect Hotel APK free download removes all annoying ads from the game. Now you can focus on your hotel business and not be distracted by any ads.

Everything Unlocked. My Perfect hotel MOD APK for Android includes all features and items. All levels, areas, features, and options are available right from the beginning. You don’t need to play or grind for hours to unlock them.

Key Features:

  • Free to download
  • Stream free
  • No registration required
  • The best collection of movies and shows
  • An easy and unbreakable connection
  • High-quality performance
  • The interface is easy to use
  • No advertising
  • A lot more

Pros and Cons


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MOD Features

  • Menu Mod (Unlimited Money)


What's new

New hotel is now available! Also lots of game improvements and bug fixes.