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KineMaster makes video editing fun on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook! KineMaster makes it easy to edit videos with lots of powerful tools, downloadable content, and much more:
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November 11, 2021
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Want to create incredible videos on your phone, tablet, or Chromebook? KineMaster MOD Apk is the full-featured video editor you are looking for! KineMaster and all of its editing tools are free to use. This also includes unlimited exports in resolutions up to 4K!

KineMaster Mod APK: Videos you view via the web or social media sites are incredibly creative and have lots of creativity. It’s not easy to determine how it looks. It requires lots of work and editing. The short films, movies, animated videos, and every video that you see are created not only in the process of recording.

The real magic happens when it’s edited. To edit, multiple programs are needed. The software is not always free and needs an amount of money to get all capabilities. To stay clear of any hassles and enjoy the features you want without paying anything and any cost, consider giving a shot to KineMaster.
KineMaster is an Android and iOS edit and creation application, which is available as a Kinemaster Mod Apk. The free version doesn’t provide access to all features and unintentionally leaves a watermark in the videos. This is the reason this version is designed to offer all features free of cost. It comes with several important features that are beneficial to all video editors and animators. So let’s review the various options to learn what they are.

What is KineMaster Pro APK?

KineMaster Pro App is an unlocked, watermark-free, the best video editing software for Android. It makes it simple for you to modify videos with Android devices. The best mobile video editing app to use on Android, Kinemaster Mod Apk, lets you professionally edit video. This app can edit your videos with the green-screen layer (chroma key) overlays, fonts, overlays, and media layers, as well as other layers.

An alternative option to Kinemaster Premium Kinemaster Premium is an alternative. Is Kinemaster Mod Apk. An updated version of KineMaster is available. A Mod Apk is a modified or cracked Version of an Apk. The name of APK Mods refers to modified APKs (Android Package Programs). They are exactly like Kinemaster Pro. So, they’re identical.

KineMaster Pro Mod APK

Do you want to create high quality 4k videos and upload it to your social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram? KineMaster is the tool for you. KineMaster is one of the best video edit tools available in the market. To all the Android users out there video creation now gets more advanced. Now use this tool to create high quality 4k videos and edit them, add your favorite music, add an appealing background as you like.

There are a plethora of video edit apps available in the market like the PowerDirector, Filmora, Quik etc. But when we compare the KineMaster and the rest of them the users prefer the KineMaster over other apps. Why you ask because of accessibility and User experience. There are also many apps which do not provide the ad free version and are also paid but all this overcome by KineMaster Pro Mod APK.

KineMaster Pro Mod is the fully-featured, unlocked version of cinemas where you do not have to purchase any items with money. KineMaster is an editor for video and animation creator Android application that comes with distinct features simultaneously.

KineMaster Free APK has a few features that come with some disadvantages, like the watermark feature and the time-to-edit videos. The flaws can be prevented by downloading the professional version of KineMaster. However, it’s not available for free. Users must pay for KineMaster Pro to access the restricted features.

A majority of users are unable to pay for the premium versions of the software. However, they need to be able to access their editing assignments. To accomplish this, we have a fantastic solution with KineMaster Pro Mod APK. Mod versions do not require money and let you access all premium features at no cost.

Alternative: KineMaster Black Mod APK

Why Kinemaster Pro APK?

With KineMaster Pro, the APK Version of KineMaster Pro, you do not need to pay to access KineMaster Pro’s features. With KineMaster for Android, you can edit and make videos and animations in one go.

KineMaster’s free version offers the most limited features, including the watermark feature and the limited editing options.

It is possible to eliminate every flaw in KineMaster when you download the version with a pro version.

To use these features, you must have a Pro subscription.

Kinemaster, the premium edition, is available to paying users. KineMaster provides monthly and annual business pricing plans. The monthly Subscription is USD 4.99, and an Annual Subscription is $39.99. It’s a bit expensive for those who are just beginning to learn to edit videos. However, KineMaster Pro Apk helped solve this pricey issue for those users.

The majority of users find that paid software is costly. However, they need to be able to access editing functions. KineMaster Pro Mod APK is a fantastic solution to this issue.

Modifications to a Kinemaster do not require any money and allow access to all the premium features for no cost. Different kinds of applications can be unlocked using premium features.

The most impressive features included in KineMaster Pro Mod are the lack of watermarks on the final video and unlimited access to various editing tools for video. Here is some information regarding KineMaster Pro.

How can I get the KineMaster mod Apk?

Click the download button.

The first step in downloading the application is to find an APK Download link.

If you see the download button for apk, then click on it to begin the download process. It could take time for the downloading process to be completed, as it will depend on your internet connection speed.

Set your phone

Ensuring your phone is set up is an essential step that plays an essential part in successful downloading. Make sure that your phone can download the whole file. If it is not, space, then you should clear the junk files to prevent restrictions.

Enable Unknown Source

To allow the unknown source file, you have to open the settings of your phone. Your phone’s settings include an option for security that is essential for the process of downloading. Select the security option, and you’ll see a variety of options. Don’t get lost, and activate your unknown source option right immediately.

Find File

If you allow an untrusted source, there are no restrictions to downloading. However, you have an application for managing files on your smartphone that displays all recent downloads and transfer files. Start the app, look for the file apk and then click on the file when you find it.


Once you’ve located the file, you’ll see the crucial option to download/install it. Click the install option and then wait for it to download fully. When KineMaster is installed, click on the shortcut option. KineMaster application is installed; select the shortcut option to give you an easy-to-use interface.

Be aware

There’s one caveat for this app that users should be aware of. This is not an official application; therefore, you may face difficulties when downloading the app. It is, therefore, necessary to allow the unknown source to avoid any difficulties before downloading the application.

Features of KineMaster Mod APK

No Advertisements

Advertisements are annoying AF. That’s why the KineMaster Mod apk allows you to use it smoothly without any interference of stupid advertisements. The original version of KineMaster is really tremendous. But it also shows many pop-ups. And we can do nothing but frustrate ourselves. Well, you don’t have that problem anymore in this KineMaster Mod apk.

No Watermark

It must be pretty disappointing for you to see the name of the app at the bottom of your edited video. It just exhausts us! Right? There are many users who work very hard on their videos, but they don’t want the official KineMaster logo in them. Plus, it kinds of takes all the editing credit from you. It’s not like the original version doesn’t provide the option of removing the watermark. But it’s just you have to pay a lot of money to eliminate it. That’s why we have KineMaster Mod apk for you. By using this KineMaster mod apk you will be able to remove watermark logo of official app.

Supported by All Android devices

A majority of video editing apps don’t run on an older version of Android. KineMaster breaks the rules and permits its download for free for any Android smartphone. This is a huge benefit for people using an app for editing videos, but it’s not an issue to allow KineMaster to function on any version of Android. Whatever version you’re running, an old or new Android version phone and tablet, you’ll be able to use KineMaster Pro Mod APK on your smartphone.

Use of Multiple Layers

KineMaster Mod apk gives you nonstop access to unlimited filters and doesn’t charge any fee for them. Yup, they are absolutely free! You can try various layers to make your video impressive. The original version restricts you from using all the layers. But not this Mod apk!

Fade in/out Sound Effects

The video editing software includes fade-in and out sound effects that enhance the audio quality and provide appropriate effects that match the main theme in the clip.

Green Background Remover Feature

The feature to remove background green is also available in KineMaster Pro Mod APK.

Unlocked Premium Features

We know that every notable editing app likes to receive a solid lump sum payment from its users in order to permit them to use the Premium features. Not anymore! KineMaster Pro Mod apk is a fantastic place to use all the Premium features in your video. And you can use them for free! How good is that?

Voice Recording

KineMaster Mod apk also helps you in recording your voices and use them in your edited video. You must have watched many online videos in which many people use their voice as the background music or to give a special touch to their videos. Well, you can perform these types of activities too with this apk.

Controlling Video’s Speed

This KineMaster Pro mod apk has the feature of controlling the speed of your video. Whether you are looking for a fast-paced video or a slow-motion one, KineMaster Pro Mod apk bestows you all.

Speed Controls

Here are some speed controls as well for videos to control the speed of their video clips. The length that the videos run play an essential role in creating an excellent finish to the video.
This is the reason why speed controls allow for the optimal video length that you need.

Volume Controls

Video editors typically require adjustments to the volume of various video clips that they join to make one final film. KineMaster Pro Mod APK has exclusive volume controls that offer simple volume control in each video clip. The volume controls are accessible in specific clips.

Rewinding Your Video

Have you ever thought about how your video would look like if it was played backward? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? This Kinemaster mod apk allows you to rewind your videos and play it backward. It can leave a unique mark on many viewers.

4K Video Editing

Oh yeah! This KineMaster mod apk is definitely comfortable in supporting 4K video quality. You can not only edit 1080p videos, but you are able to edit 2160p HD videos as well. This feature enhances the quality of the video on a different level.

Change the background

The platform gets developed so that if users want to change their background color or the color of the background objects, they can easily do it now. The APK file also allows you to remove the location items if you do not want it.


With the help of the Mod APK file, users will get to export high-quality video up to QHD 1440p. The export option will successfully ship the high-resolution videos via the export option available.

Brightness control

Any video without efficient light is always not eye-catching. You can make your videos more bright. The platform brings you saturation and dynamic controls. Along with that, you can highlight or apply several themes available.

Free Download

The app is accessible for download at no cost. It includes all premium features only available with premium versions. It is not necessary to submit any fee to download this application.

Several Editing Tools

A variety of editing tools are available various editing tools are included in KineMaster. Most video editing software doesn’t offer a wide range of options in one place. However, KineMaster offers a range of tools that aid in editing a video professionally.

Instant Preview

The instant preview feature is essential in editing software; however, unfortunately, not all applications offer this feature. Sometimes, the video is too long, and there are errors with a probability of 100. KineMaster Pro Mod APK offers an instant preview feature that allows users to view edits to the video. By watching the edited video, users can determine whether it’s perfect or requires some improvements. This is the reason why using the immediate preview function can be extremely useful.

Chroma Key

The chroma keys are one of the greatest features of KineMaster Pro Mod APK since it permits you to alter backgrounds for your movie. If you are not happy with your video’s background and wish to alter it, the chroma keys can include an image on the background.

Share to Social Media

Sharing your video directly on social media is easy using KineMaster. You can upload your video to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or any other social media platform with no difficulties.

Different Versions

There are many different versions of KineMaster that could prove useful for you. We know that not all video editors are a perfect fit for your requirements, which is why we have decided to highlight the various versions. We’ve listed several variations of KineMaster that could be useful for editing videos.

Features Updates of KineMaster Pro

  • You can access all the features of Premium
  • All watermarks are gone
  • All versions are supported.
  • A preview is accessible at any time
  • Multi-layered videos, images as well as video clips of handwriting and more.
  • Our team trims, connects and cut frames in half.
  • Controls brightness, hue, and intensity
  • Filters for color
  • Videos can be speeded up or slowed
  • (overall choice of insertion) Fade in or fade away from the audio
  • The effect of a transition is an 2D (or 3D transition effect that fades into and out.
  • There are numerous themes, animations, and audiovisual effects that you can choose from
  • A volume envelope which makes the volume control exact at any time
  • All video formats are supported with the chroma key feature.
  • Optimize videos that don’t support automatically
  • Edit videos for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vk, and more.

KineMaster Gold Mod APK

Most of the apps will make you pay for its premium membership and won’t let you access the features until the membership is purchased. Well, good news now download the mod apk KineMaster and enjoy all the premium features for free. Yayy!!!

Are you one of those who don’t like the watermarks on your videos? I hate them too. Turn out to the savior KineMaster this updated apk has removed the watermark feature. This apk is a boon to all the social media fans. Create videos with the enhanced features of KineMaster and share as much as you can. Isn’t that fun?

It also has plethora of designs, background, and fonts available which lets you add the text to your videos. Create Whatsapp videos, Facebook videos, Instagram videos. Create 4k videos with 120 or 60 fps. Add layers to your videos and most importantly it is ad free. How annoying it gets when the unnecessary ads keep popping up and you can’t even navigate through the app. Well with this upgrade you have endless supply of unlocked features and ad free.

KineMaster Gold Mod APK 2021 file is one of the most demanding applications, as the APK file comes with different uses and features available. If you are indeed interested in video editing and are interested in knowing in detail about the Mod APK, then go ahead with this article. You will get to read about the latest upgraded features of the application and the downloading link, and the steps for downloading the Mod APK file.

KineMaster Prime Mod APK

There is no need to look anywhere else for KM APK if you wish to install it. KineMaster Prime APK? We’ve provided the complete instructions on how to download, install, and install KM APK. Just click the download button below.

KineMaster v8 Mod APK

KineMaster V8 Mod Apk is the version that operates exactly as an editor for video on PC. Android video editors lack options, but if you would like to have the top capabilities of any editor and are looking for a video editor, KineMaster V8 is the right version for you.

KineMaster Diamonds Pro Mod APK

KineMaster Diamond pro apk is an amazing app with all the incredible features available. It is recommended to test this version once to get used to it since it provides amazing bargains. It is an excellent application for editing videos and other small clips.

Download KineMaster Lite Pro APK

The lighter version of this application is an incredible improvement since it lets you edit short videos that don’t take up too much space on your phone.
However, you are not able to edit your content in any way using this application. If you’re an influencer, you’ll appreciate this app for mobile use.

Black KineMaster Mod APK

There’s no difference in the features of all the mods. However, the colors, such as these, for instance, black, are distinct. Black is the color you prefer. It is possible to download the black version since it comes with similar features to the white version, and it is worth trying for yourself.

KineMaster Mod v3 APK

The best thing about this application is the chroma unlock, which means you will be able to access a range of options and tools for editing.
It isn’t very pleasant to see watermarks in the video. This app can eliminate watermarks as well.

KineMaster Green Pro APK

It is recommended to take the time to download the new Kinemaster Apk if you want to use a powerful video editor. This allows it to add features such as effects stickers clip graphics, clip graphics, a chroma blending mode speed interpolation, and key color filters. Mirroring, rotating, and every mode is identical. There is a lot of it, and you only need to utilize it just at least once.

How to install KineMaster Pro APK in your Device?

Method 1 : Kinemaster Mod APK for Android

Like many other apps, you have to download the KineMaster Mod apk on your mobile phone. You can use the link given below to download the apk. After downloading it, you have to install it. Allow unknown sources for the installation process. You know how to do it. Now, just click the KineMaster icon on your mobile phone’s menu and enjoy it.

Follow below steps to download and install the KineMaster Pro Mod Hack Apk :-

  • First of all uninstall orginal version of KineMaster app if you have previously installed
  • Now download and install KineMaster Mod Apk from below link. Download Link of Kinemaster Pro mod APK is provided at the end of the article. So scroll down if you want to download KineMaster Mod APK
  • After successfully installation allow all permission which are asked
  • Now Open the and enjoy the paid features using this mod version KineMaster.

METHOD 2: KineMaster Mod APK for PC :

You can also download and install Kinemaster Mod APK Latest Version by using below method :

  • First of all download and install Bluestack Android Emulator in your PC
  • Now download KineMaster Mod APK from below link provided in your PC
  • Now install KineMaster Mod APK in your PC by using Bluestack Android Emulator
  • After successfully installation, open KineMaster Mod APK in your PC using Bluestack
  • That’s it now Enjoy Mod Features of KineMaster APK in your PC as well.
  • So you have successfully installed KineMaster Mod APK in your PC

If you have any problem regarding downloading and installation of KineMaster Mod APK then do comment below, we will help you out.

How to remove Made with KineMaster Watermark?

You can remove the Made with kineMaster watermark. You simply just have to follow the below methods in order to remove the watermark.

1. Buy the Premium Subscription from KineMaster:

In order to remove the watermark the first and legit method is that you can buy the premium subscription from KineMaster and enjoy the video editing without the watermark. But for this you have to spend your money in order remove that irritating watermark.

2. Download the KineMaster Mod APK from this page:

Another method to remove watermark of KineMaster is that you can download the KineMaster Mod APK with Premium Unlocked feature for free. You don’t have to buy any premium plan or subscription in order to remove watermark. So just download the KineMaster Mod APK 2021 latest version for your android and say good bye to the watermark permanently.

How to Use KineMaster Mod APK in Android, iOS and PC?

We have already explained how to download the modded APK in your devices so if you don’t know how to download it for your devices then just scroll up to How to Download KineMaster Mod APK? There a full guide of downloading and installing is explained for each devices. Now if you don’t know how to use KineMaster Mod APK in your device then just follow the below steps :

  • Hope you have downloaded and installed the KineMaster Mod APK in your respective devices
  • Open the KineMaster Video Editing tool
  • Select your desired video which you want to edit
  • Now click on Create New Project on your screen’s device
  • Now start editing your video, put your effects, trim the video and do whatever you want
  • Now Save it in your device and since it is KineMaster Mod APK Pro Unlocked so it having No Watermark feature
  • So the video will be saved without the KineMaster watermark
  • Now you can upload your edited video wherever you want like on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram wherever you want.

FAQ : KineMaster Pro APK

Q.How to get Access to KineMaster Pro APK for Free?

Ans: It is possible to download KineMaster Pro Apk for free since its mod link is accessible. Just click on the link to mod and then wait for several minutes until it downloads. Once the link has been downloaded, you must follow the steps above for seamless downloading.

Q. How do I get access to the KineMaster Premium APK at no cost?

Ans: The download procedure for the KineMaster premium pro KineMaster premium pro app is similar to the one described above. Complete access to the KineMaster premium app is accessible; just click the premium link to download it. Follow the steps exactly to ensure a smooth download.

Q. Is it safe to download the KineMaster Mod apk?

Ans. Yes, it is absolutely reliable and risk free. There are concerns from users about whether these apk’s are reliable but it has over a million downloads and it is completely safe to use.

Q. Is the download free for KineMaster mod APK?

Ans. Yes, the download is absolutely free.

Q. Does it have “Made with KineMaster” watermark?

Ans. No, it doesn’t have “Made with KineMaster” watermark. The watermark is removed in this mod version of KineMaster.

Q. Can the KineMaster Mod APK work on both Android and iOS?

Ans. No, the apk can only be installed on the Android devices.

Q. Can it downloaded on the PC?

Ans. Yes, you can download the apk file on your PC’s.

Q. Do we need to buy the premium version of the app KineMaster?

Ans. No, as with this latest update the app’s premium version is completely free.

Q. Will the watermark be present in KineMaster Mod APK?

Ans. No, the latest apk version of the app has removed the watermark.

Q. Is KineMaster available for free?

Ans: KineMaster indeed comes with both free and premium versions. Both versions are useful to make your editing experience essential. The paid version is more efficient and powerful features than KineMaster’s free version. KineMaster free version.

Q. Is the app ad free?

Ans. Yes, the app is completely ad free now.

Q. Can I record 4k videos?

Ans. Yes, 4k videos can be easily recorded with this app.

Q. What formats does KineMaster Support?

Ans: KineMaster can be used with the MP4 version. It includes a convert option to change formats.

Q. Can we add animation to the videos?

Ans. Yes, there is an option to add animation .

Q. Can we add Text to the videos using KineMaster Mod APK?

Ans. Yes, text can be added to the videos and there are number of font options available.


KineMaster Mod Apk Pro is a wonderful platform for improving your video editing skills. There are many software and mobile applications that charge money to do the same thing. Thank God it’s free! Additionally, it also aids you in exploring your creativity. It’s a great place to edit videos as well as create some long-lasting memories too

If you are still having any problem regarding downloading or installation of KineMaster Mod Apk then do comment below we are here to help you out 🙂

Feature Highlights

• Add and combine multiple layers of video, images, stickers, special effects, text, and handwriting
• Color adjustment tools to correct and enhance videos and images
• Share on YouTube, Facebook Feeds and Stories, Instagram Feeds and Stories, and more!
• Reverse your videos
• Blending modes to create startling, beautiful effects
• Add voiceovers, background music, voice changers, and sound effects
• Editing tools to trim, splice, and crop your video
• The Asset Store provides music, clip graphics, fonts, stickers, transitions, and more to enhance your video, updated weekly
• Speed control for time-lapse and slow-motion effects
• EQ presets, ducking, and volume envelope tools for immersive audio
• Keyframe animation tool to add motion to layers
• Export 4K 2160p video at 30FPS
• Apply different color filters to make your video stand out
• Many, many more features, options, and settings!

When you subscribe to KineMaster Premium Apk, you remove the watermark and ads, unlock professional tool presets, and get access to over a thousand premium assets in the KineMaster Asset Store. Subscribe to KineMaster today Premium within the app!

KineMaster is the Editors’ Choice! Find out why creators love KineMaster for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and why journalists, educators, marketers, and vloggers use it professionally! Download KineMaster mod apk to create, edit, and share your own amazing videos!

Subscriptions to KineMaster Premium automatically renew unless you cancel in Google Play.

For more details, questions and feature requests, please contact us: Tap on the question mark button on the KineMaster main screen, then tap E-mail support!


What's new

Feature Updates:
1. Adds the Slip tool to adjust a video's start and end positions within a fixed video duration.
2. Adds support to save as animated GIF, in addition to MP4
3. Supports snapping of layers to guidelines and square cropping
4. Supports replacement of layer assets

UX/UI Changes:
1. Supports setting the default transition duration when creating a new project