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Download ILLEGAL TV APK For Android. The ILLEGAL TV VIP APK is the best technology result. It is simple to install and anyone can use it for various purposes. There are more than a thousand apps. The developers focus on the user’s needs and create the app accordingly.

Welcome to everyone. We came up with a new topic this time. In a digital age, rapid technological advancements are happening. Most people work digitally. Many websites and mobile apps are easy to use.

When we think about Android apps, you will find some that are illegal or that contain malware that could cause viruses to your device. This article will tell you about illegal Android apps apk.


As the name suggests, the illegal Android app Apk contains potentially harmful content. Accepting applications to the Google Play Store is governed by strict guidelines. Developers must adhere to the Google Play Store guidelines and policies.

Some developers don’t follow the guidelines and policies of the Google Play Store. This can cause the approval process to be disrupted by the Google Play Store and could result in illegal Android Apps APK.


Although the apps are well designed, the illegal Android app APK is still not available on the Google Play Store. People can still download illegal Android apps from other sources if they have the money. Apps that are paid for in the Google Play Store can also be downloaded from other sources. You can use these versions as well as their broken versions to get your Apps for free. These cracked versions fall under the illegal Android App APK category.

This is a list of illegal Android apps that were removed from the Google Play Store because of certain issues.

New pipe

This app is a kind of YouTube app that works exactly like YouTube, but not available on the Play Store. This app allows users to download videos and adjust the quality. You can also play background videos and do other things on your phone.

Although it isn’t available in the Google Play Store it can be downloaded from different sources.


Android is an app play store on Android devices, just like the Google Play Store. This application can be used to download additional applications. This app is prohibited by the Google Play Store. It has been designated an illegal Android app APK.

Valuable messaging application

This app is an illegal Android app apk. The Sarah messaging app was an app for instant messaging. It is possible to send a message to someone else by text messaging, but you can hide the sender’s name. In good times, this app was extremely popular. The developers of this app had some problems and were unable process it. Google Play Store considered the app illegal.

Secret SMS Replacer

Secret SMS Replicator is an application that allows you to receive victim messages on your phone. This application will be installed in the background and the victim won’t have to consent.

All you need to do is download the app and enter your number. If all incoming messages are forwarded, this is illegal and you can monitor all messages. It is illegal Android app

How do you use ILLEGAL TV VIP Apk with Android TV Box?

Below is a list with the top Android apps that allow illegal movies to be viewed.


ShowBox X is one of the illegal Android movie apps and has a huge collection of content for TV shows and movies. Showbox Box X is a great library to watch movies and shows for free. This application is also available on Google Play Store. Showbox is still a top streaming app due to its amazing content.

It has an easy-to-use interface. Shobox regularly updates its library and allows you to download movies for later. This app is not available in the Google Play Store. You must download it from other sources at you own risk.


It is a popular app for live streaming videos. It has the largest selection of television channels and movie shows in various categories, including entertainment, religion, sports, kids, and cooking.

LiveNetVT has a simple interface. Viewers can view the content they have provided for free. You can view the content provided by users for free, but you have to download it from your website or another resource at your own risk. The Google Play Store has blocked the application.

TV portal

TV Portal is another application for TV shows and movie streaming. You can stream thousands of TV shows and movies from various channels. All content is available for free.

The TV portal is an illegal app for Android devices. It is also banned from Google Play Store.

Terrarium TV

This app is included in the list of Illegal Android App APK. Terrarium TV allows you to watch multiple entertainment channels from one app. To enjoy the videos uninterrupted, you just need to download this application and have an internet connection.

This application has been blocked by the Google Play Store and is no longer available on their site. It can be downloaded from other sources at your risk.

We recommend that you only download the app from the Google Play Store. It is a trusted and reliable store for Android apps. Other resources can also harm your device and compromise your privacy due privacy loopholes.


This review must have fulfilled all your queries about the ILLEGAL TV APK, now download this amazing app for Android and enjoy it. Please share the ILLEGAL TV VIP APK with your friends.