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Download Haileys Treasure Adventure Apk For Android. Get latest version of Haileys Treasure Adventure Apk for Android from nervefilter now!
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June 16, 2022
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Download Haileys Treasure Adventure Apk For Android. Get latest version of Haileys Treasure Adventure Apk for Android from nervefilter.com now!

Haily is an young beautiful girl and lives with her sister on a farm, One day a man visits Hailey’s farm and tell her that her father takes a lot of money from his and now we want to get all the money back but Hailey didn’t have much money to clear her father’s debt.

Also, Her father is lost in a mine and from there her family became poor and in debt, So Hailey refuses to return all her father’s debt, but the man wants his money anyhow so he gives her two options, first one is to marry him and he will forget about all his debt and she can live with him for a lifetime without paying his father’s debt.

The other option is to go to the mine where Hailey’s father used to work and hide so many treasures, and once she finds the hidden treasure she needs to collect the treasure for him and gave them one month to do it.

Hailey agrees with the second option and the man hand over a treasure map where her father hides all the treatures, and the story of the game begins and your role in the game is to clear all the missions and find all the precious treasure in the Haileys treasure adventure game.

The game is developed by Ingeniusstudios and you can download it for $ 2, before downloading the game you can also check out the demo version which contains limited missions and short stories.

You can download the full version of this game for free of cost for all kinds of devices, like Android, Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux.

The developer of the game has added so many amazing features like new Images, animations, characters, and missions, to know about them check out the below section.

Features of Haileys Treasure Adventure APK

Once you downloaded the game file and installed the game on your device then you can come back to this post to know the features of this Haileys Treasure Adventure game

New Enemies Added

In the latest version of this game, the developer has added a total of six new enemies and all of them have their own fighting moves,
So while completing a mission all the enemies will try to stop you from reaching you to the treasure but you can easily knock them out using your fighting weapon.
Some of the enemies have special and high damaging powers and you can also increase your health level and weapon level to fight with the enemies.

12 Extra Animations with Gallery

As I mentioned earlier that the developer has added six new enemies and all these enemies contain animations that you can watch while performing an action move in the game.
The amazing thing is that you can also save the animation in gallery options and watch it multiple times from the gallery.
As of now, the animation is available to the limited character, check out the characters who are eligible for the animation feature.
  • 2P-Honey Maker, Golem, Ass-ass-in, Vines, Head Hunter, Mantis.
  • 3P-Spiders, Honey Maker, Zombies, Goblins.
  • 4P/5P-Goblins

Skin and features

Now when you visit the shop section in the game you will see that there are so many new and unique skin has added, and you can buy them once you collect enough coins in the game.
Each skin has its own features and my personal favorite is the Tomb Explorer which you can use to get more gems, the developer said that you can earn up to 50% more gems using this skin.

Teleportation (Teleport From one Place to Another)

Now take your game character from one place to another with just one click using the Teleportation feature,
To teleport your game character you need to press ‘T’ to place a teleporter and press 1 from the Numpad to teleport,
If you facing any error while using the teleportation feature then restart just restart your game.

5 New Extra Levels

The developer has added five new extra features to this game and the user who has already completed all the missions can keep playing the game which some new features and levels.
If you completed all the five level then just wait for the new upcoming latest version of Haileys Treasure Adventure which is v0.3,

Upcoming Update Features

Check out all the new features of v0.3 mentioned below.

Three More New Enemies

Ingeniusstudios is planning to add three more enemies in the new version of this game and all of these enemies have a special power to stop you from reaching the treasure.

1. Mummy

The first enemy of the new version is called “Mummy’, the developer planned to create this character because in Egypt there are so many mummy Tomb is the treasure.

2. Slime (trying again)

The second enemy is called Slime, and slime is a liquid creature that has no bones.

3. Mini Mantis

Mini Mantis is a third enemy which is similar to the mantis but the smaller version of it.

Swimsuit for Hailey

You can also expect a new skin for the main character of the game which is Hailey, the game developer is planning to create a new swimsuit that can increase the running speed of the main characters.

Animations and Images

All the new character has animation and once you perform an action task you can see an animation, Currently, the animation is available for the new enemies only which is Mummy, Slime, and Mini Mantis.