City of Crime: Gang Wars v1.1.13 Mod APK Download 2023

Download City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod Apk For Android. City of Crime Mod Apk is the ultimate crime sim that allows you to become a master criminal.
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Mar 14, 2023
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Download City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod Apk For Android. Welcome to the City of Sin, a paradise for those who seek wealth and boundless pleasure! Here, you can make your own rules and take whatever action you need to quickly make a fortune.In the world of City of Sin you have to be ready for anything, and be prepared to defend yourself at all time. An international crime syndicate has taken over vast parts of the city, and you’ll have to battle these criminals to become the boss and make a fortune in this criminal underworld.


City of Crime Mod Apk is the ultimate crime sim that allows you to become a master criminal. In this game, you get to manage your own criminal empire, and engage in all sorts of criminal activities such as robberies, car theft, and extortion. You’ll have to recruit gang members, build up relationships with characters, and forge alliances with other gangs.

Game Features:

A brand-new life in riches
Experience a life of luxury and indulgence in Sin City. Enjoy the thrill of living above the law and taking whatever you desire. When wealth comes in, the world is yours to explore and to revel in a life of crime.

A city of sin with infinite possibilities
Here, lawlessness reigns. Plunder, ravage, steal, loot—these are all common sights. Fights erupt more frequently than Taylor Swift changes partners. Why? To take whatever they want!

Use your wits to become a billionaire
Operate gambling establishments, taverns, and clandestine trading hubs to produce gold bullion, weapons, and contraband, dominating the market and collecting immense wealth to spend on whatever your heart desires.

Become a legend building a criminal empire
Assemble the toughest criminals from around the globe and construct the mightiest squads Sin City has ever known. Amplify your influence and seize all the authority for yourself. Seize what you desire—even by coercion, and become a renowned figure in your own illicit empire!


The game’s graphics and visuals are top-notch, giving City of Sin an immersive feel that really sucks you into its world. Bright colors, detailed environments and a realistic day and night cycle bring the city to life and make it feel like home. The soundtrack is composed of intense and intense hip hop, with plenty of sound effects to make all the heists and shootouts feel real.


The intuitive interface of the game makes it easy to understand and master, and the user interface has been designed to be highly responsive. You can customize your controls for the best user experience.


The sound effects of City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod Apk add atmosphere and tension to the many heists and shootouts you’ll take part in during the game. The sound design is full of authentic and unique sounds that make it feel like you’re really in a battle between criminals.


Q: Is City of Crime: Gang Wars a free game?
A: Yes, It is a free game but it also contain in-app purchase.

Q: Is City of Crime available on mobile devices?
A: Yes, It is available on Android devices, allowing you to play on the go.


City of Crime: Gang Wars Mod Apk is an exciting crime simulator that gives you the chance to become a billionaire by taking part in heists and robbery. The graphics and visuals are top-notch, the sound design is immersive, and you can even challenge other players in real-time gang wars. If you want to test your skills in the criminal underworld, this game is the perfect way to do it!