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Where To Find Wild Boars In Genshin Impact

Teyvat’s world in  Genshin Impact  is rich in resources available to improve your gameplay. Food and the recipes that can be created by combining different foods can be essential to taking on more difficult challenges or bosses. Many of the best recipes require raw meat and lots of it, so it’s important to learn the best ways to gather this important resource.

Boars are one of the most common creatures seen throughout the world of Minecraft. While inexperienced players may think that boars are just for decoration, killing these creatures allows them to obtain raw meat, which is necessary to create the best Genshin Impact kitchen to improve combat stats.

Wild boar habitat

Is the wild boar in Genshin Impact unusual? Luckily there are wild boars everywhere in Teyvat. They tend to congregate in grassy areas, roaming in both single units and packs.

You just need to know the best Genshin Impact hunting spots for this animal.

Best place to find bears Genshin Impact

The best place to find Genshin Impact bears is  Brightcrown Canyon . There is an area called Boar Bell, near Stormterror’s Lair in Mondstadt, where dozens of boars can be found.

Additionally, Genshin Impact’s wild boar respawn sites also include Springvale and Liyue. Aside from Brightcrown Canyon, players can go to these places and shoot them:

  • Springvale Forest
  • Windwaal Highland
  • wolfdom
  • Dawn Winery

You get two pieces of raw meat when you kill a pig. To kill the boars, it’s recommended to use a bow with loaded bullets, as they often explode if you get too close. In this scenario, Venti, Fischl and Ganyu are the most recommended.

If you don’t have time to hunt the boars, you can use the following methods instead: send characters on Windrise Expeditions, buy wild boars from Chubby (a traveling merchant in Serenitea pots), or buy raw meat from Draff in springvale.

Where to find the Boar King Genshin Impact

Where to find bears in Genshin Impact is scattered across Teyvat, but finding the Boar King Genshin Impact is more difficult.

The real monarch of Dragonspine is the Great Snowboar King. As a result, this miniboss and special opponent can be found in Dragonspine, east of Entombed City – Ancient Palace. Look south of the term ‘Ancient’ on the map for a better view.

You can get a lot of raw meat after beating the royal boar as it is also part of the “Ah, Fresh Meat!” World quest.

How to get unlimited raw meat in Genshin Impact

In Genshin looking for raw bear meat by hand A common strategy is the use of battlefields. But did you know that you can grow about 4,000 pounds of uncooked meat in just one hour? This is possible thanks to a game glitch reported by a YouTuber.

Follow these methods to get some extra meat.

Unlock “Return of the Jade Chamber?” scavenger hunt

Please note that this quest can be played once you  have completed Ganyu ‘s Story Quest, which was added in update version 1.2.

Play the quest until you are prompted to “Chase the boars”

Players will be asked to go after some boars and chase them out of the region in the middle of the “Return of the Jade Chamber?” scavenger hunt. You have to fill in three yellow circles on the map to reach the goal. However, approach only two of the circles and stay away from the third.

I invite your friends when you are in this exact location

Standing in this place allows other users to join your world and help you hunt boar. You can open the world to Co-op or activate “Allow Direct Join” in the settings to make it a little easier.

Ask friends to kill all boars then return to single player mode

Request that your companions defeat all the boars in the region as soon as they arrive in your realm.

Use the menu to return to single player mode and throw your friends away once all the animals are killed. Don’t pick up the tasty Raw Meat off the floor though; instead, leave it alone.

Ask your friends to come back and kill more bears

Ask your friend to come back and fight the swine one more time now that you’ve returned to single player. The boars will also respawn now that they have returned, waiting to be killed.

After you’ve killed all the boars, disconnect the connection and repeat the process until you’ve grown enough raw meat for your enjoyment. Collect the materials after you’re done with the bug.

When done correctly, players can get up to 4,000 raw meat per hour, which saves a lot of time compared to conventional methods.

How to get hit by a boar Genshin Impact

While it may seem irrelevant, there is a feat known as “Boared to Death.” Only by being killed by a Forest Boar can you unlock it.

Allow one of your characters to die, then resurrect them with low HP food to do so. Your barely living character can now be pricked by a swine with greater ease.

Just go to one of the best bear search sites like we described above, hurry to one and get bitten.

There’s everything you need to know about where to find bears in Genshin Impact. Follow Gurugamer for more helpful guides.

This article will help you know  where to find bears in Genshin Impact  and how to get unlimited meat.