Twitter unveils an ‘Official” label to distinguish verified accounts among Blue subscribers

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What you need to knowTwitter has launched a new label for verified account. It is intended to distinguish verified accounts from Twitter Blue subscribers.

Twitter created a way to avoid confusion between verified accounts and the soon-to be-for-sale blue checksmarks. This is not for everyone.

Esther Crawford is Twitter’s product manager. She announced in a tweet that Twitter will offer this verification feature to selected accounts. Accounts with a blue tick already will be given the “Official status” to show that they have been verified. New accounts who pass the verification process will likely receive the same label.

However, not all users will be eligible for the new label. It won’t be accessible to users who don’t meet these qualifications, even if they have Twitter Blue subscribers and a blue checkmark next their profile name.

Crawford stated that only government accounts, commercial businesses, business partners and major media outlets will be eligible for the new status. Blue subscribers do not need to submit ID verification, unlike other types of accounts. According to The New York Times,

Elon’s Twitter, the new $8-per month Blue subscription will be officially launched on Wednesday. It was apparently delayed by the US midterm elections. The service’s current price hike raises from $4 to $8 per month. 99 has increased its monthly fee to $8. This is the second price increase in three months.

Twitter's new official label

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The pricier Blue subscription promises to give subscribers access to select features, including the blue tick and the ability to edit tweets and post longer videos and audio clips. The blue checkmark that was once free and highly sought after by many will no longer be a guarantee that accounts with this badge are authentic.

It may clear up the confusion around Twitter’s new blue verification status and checkmark, but some may still be confused as the old blue “Verified badge” was a mysterious symbol that wasn’t easily accessible for everyone. It will soon be available for anyone to purchase by simply paying.

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