Tim Cook would prefer you to buy an iPhone rather than use RCS

Tim Cook doesn’t like Rich Communication Services (RCS). This was the clear message from Apple CEO Tim Cook at the Code 2022 conference. When a member of the audience asked Apple to adopt RCS in order for his mother to see more of the videos he sent, Cook replied, “Buy your mom an iPhone .”


For the uninitiated RCS acts as a hypercharged SMS. It allows you to send multimedia files, like WhatsApp or Telegram, and also provides standard messaging features such as typing indicators, delivery and receipts.

There has been a long-running debate about whether blue bubbles are appropriate for iMessage or green bubbles to be used for text messages. Google has been pressing Apple to adopt Rich Communication Services, which allows Android users to send multimedia messages to iPhone users. This would bring an end to the “bubble war”. It launched a new campaign to try to influence consumer sentiment.

The campaign’s website states that it’s not all about the color bubbles. It’s the blurry videos and broken group chats as well as missing read receipts and typing indicator, and no texting over WiFi. These issues exist because Apple refuses modern texting standards for people who text each other .”

with iPhones or Android phones.

Currently, more than 500million RCS users around the globe use Google’s messaging app.

But Cook claimed that Apple customers were not demanding this support. According to The Verge, Cook stated that “I don’t hear our customers asking that we put so much energy into that at this point,” in response to a question regarding RCS support.

The issue of bubbles is not an issue if you use other messaging app like WhatsApp, Signal Messenger, Messenger, or Telegram. This is why many customers prefer third-party clients to built-in ones. First-party solutions are still appealing and many iPhone users continue to use iMessage as the preferred chat app. Apple knows that keeping iMessage closed encourages iPhone owners to purchase iPhones, as they don’t want to be the green bubble in group chats.