The new Google Home app experience invites start rolling out

You need to know: Google is accepting signups for the public preview of the redesigned Google Home app experience. Signups have begun for the public preview version of the Google Home app. To join the fun, you just need to request an invitation within the Home app for iOS or Android.

The Google Home app was redesigned last month. It features a new UI and useful tabs that allow you to quickly access automation and devices. If you are interested in signing up, go to Home’s settings menu. Search for “Public Preview” under the “General” heading.

An email notification will appear advising you that the app will soon be updated to Public Preview once you have accepted the program. To see the new features, you will need to tap the “Join Public Preview” button.

You should expect some bugs as this is a public preview. Google invites users to report bugs and provide feedback via the “Submit Feedback” button within the app.

“A representative from Google wrote that they invite users to “explore the new app, test new features, and give early feedback to make it even better.” (opens in a new tab).

Google Home app public preview invite

(Image credit: Google)

The redesigned app includes a bunch of handy new features, such as “Favorites,” which allows you to quickly open your favorite cameras, for example, to view live streams as soon as you launch the app. You can also access “Spaces”, which allow you to quickly access groups of devices similar to your smart light bulbs.

However, the preview has some known issues (opens new tab). It’s currently not possible to save your automations as favorites, but Google promises to make this feature available in the near future. This feature is only available for your actions and devices. The new camera controller experience doesn’t support older cameras. Additionally, the redesigned Nest app is not compatible with some older Nest apps, such as Nest Protect.

Google warns that the app could revert back to its old experience upon first start after reinstalling. Nevertheless, the public preview experience can be restored at subsequent starts.