The best Chromebook for students currently available at a fraction of the price

We have been keeping an eye on Black Friday sales for months, but a Chromebook deal has just landed that has us unable to stop our tracks. The ASUS Flip C 214 is currently on sale at Amazon for 50%. This incredible discount brings the Chromebook’s price down to $175.. 92, no strings attached.

If the laptop seems familiar, it’s because we have repeatedly ranked the ASUS FlipC 214 the best Chromebook for students. The Chromebook has pretty much everything a high school or college-aged student could ever need: a super durable-yet-lightweight construction with rubberized edges (perfect for tossing into a backpack), a battery that’ll last up to 12 hours on a single charge, and a convertible design that’ll let you transform the laptop into a tablet in an instant. Although the C 214 laptop is three years old, it still has the best specs and will receive updates until 2027, which is plenty of time to complete your degree.

Get 50% the best Chromebook for Students

. The ASUS Flip C 214 usually retails for about $349.. 99, is a decent price, but this Chromebook with 5-star ratings is seriously irresistible due to the 50% discounts. It’s difficult to know if this is a Black Friday deal that will disappear or if the price drop will be permanent. I don’t know much, but I would be surprised if the price drops any further this holiday season. I recommend that you make the purchase now to avoid disappointment.

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