Mods and accessories for Best Oculus Quest 2 Touch controller mods

While the Oculus Qest 2 comes with the Oculus Touch controllers, which can motion-track to give a 1:1 VR experience, sometimes the actual thing your hands hold might not look the same as what you see in VR. These great Oculus Quest 2 accessories will make your gaming experience even better.

The best Oculus Quest2 controller accessories

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VR Cover Grips

The universal solution

There are many controller grip designs for Oculus Quest 2. My personal favorite is the VR Cover controller grips. Although they are a little more expensive than other brands, their comfort, adjustability and ease of use make them the perfect solution for every situation. Controller grips are more than just a grip for the controller. They also make it easier to throw objects and hold onto the joysticks, despite their name.

Keep It Safe

Have your ever violently clacked the controllers while playing Beat Saber? Or accidentally punched someone (or something) while playing Superhot VR. These halo protectors will soften the blow and protect your controllers. They wrap the Quest 2 light rings with soft silicone. There are cutouts for LEDs that can be used for tracking.

A lightgun

*)NexiGo’s Quest 2 accessory accessories are some of the most unique and stylish. They evoke the days when you could use a gun to shoot on a TV screen. (Think Duckhunt). Although they don’t actually do anything, the accessories add weight and shape to the controller, making it more realistic and immersive for games like Crisis VRigade and Pistol Whip. They look amazing.

Don’t call ‘em Lightsabers

AMVR cannot call them what it is for obvious reasons. But we all know what they do: they transform your Oculus Quest 2 controls into Lightsabers. Dual-wielding is obvious and screams Beat Saber. However, they are just as useful in Star Wars games that you can only access in VR, such as Vader Immortal’s Lightsaber dojo. They will improve your swings and give you the Lightsaber feel only a good handle can. You can make it double-bladed to feel like Darth Malul.

AMVR Table Tennis Paddle Grrip Handle

Grab your


If you love Eleven Table Tennis and Racket Fury, you will know how realistic the physics feel. But, without a real paddle there is something missing. AMVR paddle controllers will make your Quest 2 controllers feel like a real paddle. They also give the controllers the right balance. These paddle controllers will make table tennis more enjoyable!

There are better ways to play

The Oculus Touch controllers for the Oculus Quest 2, which you can enhance with some game-specific accessories and mods, are incredible. This list will bring back memories of the Nintendo Wii. You can find similar accessories for the system that have the same purpose. They may be heavier, more gripping, or even different shapes to make the motion controls feel more real.

VR Cover’s Quest 2 grips are a universal solution that will enhance any game. These grips do more than just provide grip. The hand strap wraps around your back and secures the controller. The controller’s weight is also balanced by these straps, which makes it easier to aim and move precisely. These straps will even improve your Beat Saber swings! Beat Saber-specific Wands are also available. These will feel more like you’re actually swinging lightsabers than a controller.

Arcade-style shooters will enjoy the NexiGo light gun controllers. Each Quest 2 controller feels like a pistol and is perfect for Pistol Whip and Crisis VRigade. If you enjoy these types of games, don’t forget your tennis paddles. They’ll help you swing better thanks to their bespoke designs. These accessories are great for Oculus Quest 2, and well worth having.