LumaFusion’s ‘open beta” finally arrives on Android

LumaFusion is now available in an “open beta” for Android devices. The company released the app in beta on Android and ChromeOS. Users can get a discount by making a single purchase of $19.. 99 can get the app. LumaFusion, a popular and highly-acclaimed video editing app for iOS, has been around for quite some time. Finally, the beta program will bring it to Android.

At the Samsung Unpacked event held in February, Samsung revealed its imminent arrival on Android along with the Galaxy Tab S8 Series. Although the app didn’t materialize, it was announced at Google I/O May that LumaFusion would be launching on Android first, and then ChromeOS later.

Cut five months later, the highly valued LumaFusion is finally available in beta via Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store (opens new tab) and ChromeOS according to an announcement by LumaTouch. It’s an open beta app that costs $19. 99, This makes it less expensive than the $29.. 99 Price tag.

The company guarantees that everyone who downloads the beta version will receive the final version free of charge when it becomes available. “

LumaFusion is a powerful video editing tool for mobile devices. It offers a multi-touch interface and intuitive features, as well as all the necessary pros for a mobile video editing app.

LumaFusion will also be available on the most powerful Chromebooks, and the company also showed a demo on its LumaTouch YouTube channel.

Users can edit videos with the beta app. They can choose from multiple aspect ratios and frames. You can also use the app to add track layering, cropping and audio mixing. You can create projects and import media from your phone’s storage. You can also add and save effects.

LumaFusion provides free support for those who are just starting to edit. Register as a tester to get access to the beta version. LumaFusion will provide an update that includes a test version of the app. Users should remember that unstable versions can often be used to enroll.