LG Display’s high-resolution stretchable display looks like sci-fi

LG Display's new stretchable display.

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What you need to knowLG Display revealed its new stretchable, durable display.The display can stretch from its natural form of 12-inches to 14-inches.LG Display’s new screen utilize a micro-LED light source along with an S-form spring wired system that allows it to bend and endure repetitive form changes.

LG Display has revealed a 12-inch display that can stretch without damaging the material.

According to LG Display’s press release, the Korean brand revealed a 12-inch high-resolution stretchable display that can expand by a couple of inches. The company had set out to create a display with 20% stretchability, a resolution of 100ppi, and features full RGB color. LG Display hopes the new display’s durability will allow it to be commercialized.

South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy selected LG Display to lead the project of creating a stretchable display back in 2020. The company created a display that was made from a film-type substrate with special silicon, which is similar to the one used in contact lenses.

LG Display's new stretchable screen during a demo.

(Image credit: LG Display)

During its unveiling, LG Display’s new display showed off its rubber band-like flexibility, allowing the tester to stretch the display from its natural 12-inch form to 14-inches.

LG Display says that the display’s “free-form nature offers an innovative solution beyond the existing foldable or rollable technology. “

The screen’s lightweight design could allow it to adapt to multiple daily situations. The stretchable display uses micro-LED with pixels less than 40mm in size. LG Display claims that this ensures the display’s durability and allows it to compete against most computer monitors.

The flexible display has an S-form spring wired structure that allows it to bend and withstand repeated changes in its shape.

LG Display claims the new display can easily conform to curves such as clothing, furniture, vehicles, and aircraft. It is being considered for possible use in fashion.

But, LG Display’s screen technology reminds us of the now-defunct LG Rollable that we got a sweet hands-on video of back in September. This was the first time that this stretchable display technology was introduced. We can see it has improved over time.

This is not the first time that we have heard or seen about a stretchy display for tech devices. Global Tech Korea Samsung presented its flexible OLED display, which it was currently developing. The company showed off a 13-inch display that would stretch and bend depending on what was being shown, a demo that was both creepy and cool.

In the same year, Royole presented a project that aims to make stretchable micro-LED screens for wearables. This is something that LG Display has been exploring, but Royole’s 3D-shaped display was smaller at 2.7 inches. Royal stated that the display was small and high-density, but it was also suitable for wearables.

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