Google updates its Apple AirDrop competitor, ‘Nearby Share’, and five other Android updates

Google announced Thursday a host of new features for Android phones. This includes an upgrade to the self-share option, which works in the same way as Apple’s AirDrop, and allows users to transfer files between its ecosystem of smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks.

The wide variety of upgrades, including the self-share function and redesigned widgets, sound alerts, audio description for Google TV and live-sharing via Google Meet, are all intended to improve productivity, communication and entertainment for Android users.

Google must satisfy Android customers to be able to compete with Apple. Yesterday’s event featured a lot of new hardware features.

Here is a list of all the new products and services that Google has launched.

Nearby Share allows self-share

Perhaps the most anticipated feature of the bunch is Nearby Share’s new self-sharing option. You can share files with your Android device if you are logged in to the same Google account.

When Nearby Share was launched as a competitor to Apple’s AirDrop service, users could only transfer files between their devices if they consented to the transfer being initiated. The self-share update removes this extra step. Files automatically transfer between devices with one tap.

Google announced that the self-sharing feature would be available in the next few weeks in a blog post.

Image Credits: Google

Widget upgrades, emojis

The Google Drive widget has a new look. It now features three home screen buttons that allow users to quickly access Google Docs and Google Slides. For easier note-taking, the Google Keep widget has been redesigned to be larger in size.

The company is adding new features to Gboard (Google Keyboard), which expands the accessibility of its Emojify button. This feature is available in the Gboard beta, but English users will soon be able to use emoji suggestion as they type. To quickly add emojis to a sentence, the user can simply type it and hit the “Emojify” button.

Google also offers seasonal Emoji Kitchen mashups that allow users to combine more emojis. A pumpkin and a cup of coffee make a pumpkin spiced latte Emoji.

Bitmoji is now available for smartwatch OS

Wear OS is Google’s smartwatch operating software. It now allows you to add Bitmoji to your watch face, and personal Keep tiles to write notes on the move.

The Bitmoji will adjust expressions based on weather conditions, time of day and whether you are running, sleeping, eating, listening to music or running.

Live-sharing via Google Meet and other accessibility

Google Meet is getting new updates. Google Meet is getting new updates. Live sharing and multipinning are now available on Android phones and tablets. This allows users to watch videos with up to 100 people at once and pin specific people to be viewed during large group calls.

Users with hearing loss can receive notifications on their phones when a crucial sound is detected, such as fire alarms or running water, oven timesrs or door knocks. Google partnered up with the hard-of hearing community to create sound notifications in the Live Transcribe & Notifications Tab.

Users have the option to record their own sounds and add them to the alert library. When these sounds are detected, their Android device will either flash, vibrate or send a notification.