Google starts issuing Stadia refunds

What you need to knowStadia will be closing its servers on January Stadia’s Help Center has been updated to provide information to players about refunds and gameplay experiences. Players who made purchases through the Stadia Store will receive either multiple refund confirmations or one that summarises them all.

Stadia’s Help Center has been updated to reflect its closure and the process of issuing refunds for purchases.

According to Stadia’s updated FAQ the cloud gaming service will start rolling out automatic store returns starting today, November 9th 2022.

Google had announced in September that Stadia would be discontinued by 2023.Google. Google reiterated Wednesday that most refunds from Stadia and Google Store must be paid by January 2023.. Stadia’s servers will also be offline at this time. Stadia add-ons, games and subscription fees, except Stadia Pro, will be refunded in the first round of refunds.

As Stadia continues to move forward with refunding it will notify users informing them to confirm their Stadia shop purchases. This is the important part. Players with 20 transactions or less through Stadia will only receive one email for each successful refund.

Players with 20 transactions or more will receive an email summarizing their refunds.

Stadia will inform players if a refund is not possible. It will also give instructions on how to arrange an alternative method to get their refund.

For more information on refunds, please visit the Stadia Help Center.