Google has updated the Play Store

to make it easier for non-phone applications to be found.
Google is updating its Play Store to make it easier for users to find and install apps on other devices. It announced changes to its Google Play Store, which will allow cross-device discovery as well as new tools that will help developers showcase non-phone apps.

The Google Play Store app now offers homepages for non-phone devices. Google has noted that Android users are looking for apps that can be used on their phones, tablets, TVs, and cars. This is why it created the Google Play Store phone app to make these types of apps easier to find.

Another feature lets users access a device search filter which helps them find apps or games for other devices. This filter will limit the search results to only those apps and games compatible with your device. This means that you won’t waste your time trying to find out if an Android app you like has a watch equivalent.

Image Credits: Google

After users have found the app or game that they wish to install, they can click a button to download it to their phone using the Play Store app. Similar to the current functionality, users can now remotely install apps to other phones using their Google account.

These changes are in response to the recent Google Play Store redesign. Users can now access the website from their computer or non-Android smartphone to remotely install Android apps. The update included improvements to navigation and accessibility, as well as other changes to make it easier to locate non-phone apps.

Developers will be able to market their non-phone applications to consumers by combining updates. They won’t be overshadowed in search results by apps that only work on a phone or don’t support that device. This is also true if the app is only available on one platform.

Google announced the updates Tuesday, but global users had been receiving the updates for several weeks.