Do you think Samsung Galaxy S21 will mark the year 2021?

Do you think Samsung Galaxy S21 will mark the year 2021: The days go by and we inevitably get closer to the officialization of the three Samsung Galaxy S21s . Last year, the Galaxy S20 wanted to mark the occasion by adopting a nomenclature in break compared to the previous generation (S10) in particular to make it understood that they were embedding enticing innovations.

Before their officialization, a lot of information is already circulating about the Galaxy S21 , S21 + and S21 Ultra . We think of the redesigned design of the rear photo module, the possibility of compatibility with the S Pen for the most expensive model or the new Exynos chip full of promises.

However, we are entitled to wonder if the Galaxy S21 will really make an impression this year. In order to shed some light on our situation, we are turning to you for our weekly survey.


Samsung is considered by many to be the leader in terms of trends in the Android smartphone market. While this point of view is obviously a matter of debate – without spirits being heated please – it cannot be denied that the South Korean giant’s products usually attract a lot of attention.

So we would like to know if, in your opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will mark the year 2021 of their mark or if they will remain rather anecdotal.

Tell in the comments!