BitLife Español MOD APK 1.1 6 (Unlimited Money/Bitizenship) Download

Download BitLife Español MOD APK 1.1 6 for Android. Get latest version of BitLife Español MOD APK 1.1 6 for Android from Nervefilter for FREE!
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July 4, 2022
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Download BitLife Español MOD APK 1.1 6 for Android. Get the latest version of BitLife Español MOD APK 1.1 6 for Android from Nervefilter now for FREE!

BitLife Español MOD APK 1.1 6 is complexly a choice based game. The game itself asks you: How will you live your BitLife? In this game you have to make different decisions. As if you could make all the right decisions and become an exemplary citizen sometime before you die. Or you can play choices that scare your parents.

This game allows you to choose between a wedding with your love, having children or getting a good education. Or you can commit various crimes, fall in love or go on adventures, start prison riots, smuggle bags and cheat on your husband. The story is based solely on your choices.

So you can say that the game relies on its players and whatever they decide, it shapes their story. In BitLife, you can do anything, experience whatever life you want to experience, and all your actions determine your life.

In this game you start your life as a sperm and then you will see various options related to your characters. As you progress far beyond the game, you will see various options based on life events. And based on your decisions, another life would appear before you. In short, the game will offer you a complete life simulation experience.

Although the game is free to download, but it comes with ads and in-app purchases. But if you use BitLife Español Mod Apk, you don’t have to face such problems. Because it is a hacked or modified version of the original game. This gives you all the premium features available for free.

Start a new virtual life as a realistic living man and complete tasks

Are you bored with this life and want to start a new life? LOL, it would be best if you didn’t start dying, but besides, I have an extremely beneficial game for a person like you. It is a game application for Android + iOS, which offers you a realistic experience of life. This masterpiece is known as BitLife and is a simulation game for Android. How to get to the game, it is a simplified game for Android with an application interface that allows you to enjoy real life from the beginning. You must first create your profile so that you can start life with any age and name you want. Then you can customize your Avatar and enjoy the various tasks you have to perform daily, such as swimming, studying, getting up and all other things.Download BitLife MOD APK ASAP and start enjoying life!

BitLife Español MOD APK 1.1 6 Functions

Getting started with this mod apk is also very easy. All you have to do is download the mod apk to your phone and you’re done.

Tips for playing BitLife

Before you continue and download BitLife Cracked Apk to your Android device, a few tips would be helpful. If you follow these tips, you will be able to play the game better and easily succeed in your virtual life. So these tips are

Study hard

One of the first things you should do in BitLife Cracked Apk is study hard. Just like in real life, studies are extremely important at play. If you study hard in the game, you will get a good and well-paid job. As a result, you will not have large student debts. In addition, there is a chance that you will receive a scholarship. Also, if you choose the option of harder study at the beginning of each year, you will definitely succeed in the game.

Get some hobbies

Another thing you should do is get some good hobbies. Like you could start from the gym. With regular exercise, you will be able to improve your appearance and become more desirable in the game. Also, don’t forget to try new hobbies throughout your life and keep them in line. So your health and well-being will be quite useful in the game.

Start a conversation

Make sure you spend time with the people in the game and spend quality time with them. In this game you will meet people with whom you can face disagreements. But it’s up to you how you react. You can always agree not to agree, to challenge them or to argue with your opinion. The choice is yours. Remember that your actions will shape the game.

Maintain good relationships with parents

Make sure you maintain a good relationship with your parents in BitLife Cracked Apk. Your relationship with your parents is extremely important. Having a good relationship with them is advantageous in the long run.

You should also try to be more popular in the game. Being popular at school is quite easy. Make sure you look good. Or you can buy gifts for your friends and be friendly with them. As well as try many other things to help you become a favorite in the game.

Marry an old rich man

The last thing you should do is marry an old and rich man. This may sound a little confusing. But believe me, marrying an old and rich man will bring you wealth in the game. As a result, you will gain success in your virtual life.

Key Features

  • Best life simulation game.
  • You get real time results in Bitlife Mod apk.
  • Keep good relationships with your parents.
  • It makes you leans that the decision taken by yours is right or wrong.
  • Invest money in your business to make more.
  • Improve your mistakes by working on them.


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